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…Love is not a PDF…

Creating a print-magazine in these digital times takes brave, passion, and a lot of great ideas. When we heard about that new magazine that is going to be published the early next year, we thought about how cool that idea is. And we wanted to hear more about the people behind the magazine, their vision, and why the hell they decided to start printing a magazine in 2020.

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Who are you? Tell us more about you and your background.

René Schreiner

Hey there, I am René. For my sweet wifey and me there is nothing better than documenting love, in all its colors. It makes me incredibly happy to capture stories from the heart to the heart. I am a country boy and I love nature. My heart beats faster when I can hear the crackle of a good bluegrass vinyl while enjoying an authentic smokey Islay whisky. More than 2 years ago I founded the 2gether Community. I wanted to share my creative ideas with other great people. Now we have a great community, a podcast and our new baby: the 2getherMAG. Always according to the motto: share knowledge and support each other.

Lex Kønig

Hey hey, I’m Lex and this is my photography story. I’ve always been a jack of all trades and tried a lot of things which is cool but I have never been really good at something. And by that, I mean really damn good. That kind of changed, when I got into photography. From day one, I was super passionate about it and tried to learn as much as possible and to get better with every photo I took. Priorities changed and photography became my number one thing and almost everything else didn’t matter that much anymore. I soon realized, that I want to shoot couples and weddings because I am obsessed with love. There is something special about capturing the deep and emotional connection between two people, that I can’t compare to anything else I did before. It’s like I do it rather for me, than for the couple and that I mean in the most positive way, because this is how I get the best photos possible.

Take a Pic[k] – Matthias & Franzi

2011. Almost 10 years ago. Matthias was asked by a good friend if he would like to be the photographer at her brother’s wedding. Of course he said ‘no’. Weddings? Really? Back then, Matthias mainly had assignments in the field of Performance Art. So he wanted to make art! He did the wedding anyway, and to make it less “unpleasant”, he took Franzi with him. Surprisingly, it was pretty cool. Everyone was in a great mood, there was good food and everyone looked pretty. 10 years later. Performance art photography has become a hobby (far too rarely) but weddings have remained.A lot of weddings. 10 years full of good but also incisive experiences and probably the most important thing: the restart in 2017. In the last few years we met lots of great people. Wonderful couples and fantastic colleagues who have become close friends. We love what we do, it is exciting, fun, dramatic, thrilling and always new. The wedding of our friend’s brother has now taken us to places we could never have dreamed of. Sometimes lying next to each other on the sofa, a cup of coffee in our hands, watching the same Polo & Pan set for the hundredth time, smiling about, what we have achieved, and what lies ahead.

Explain your business to someone who doesn’t have a clue.

2getherMAG is an independent and unique photo lifestyle magazine by and for photographers*. It features fantastic photographs and exciting stories by great photographers from different fields. It is about adventurous journeys, weddings in the mountains, the magic of analog photography and many other fascinating topics.

2getherMAG is a magazine designed with love. In the first issue you will find photos and stories by Franziska Bittermann, Bob Sala, Jenny Jones, Kathrin Großmann, Lovers in Crime and many many more. Dive into the creative world of 2getherMAG.


Tell us your why? Why did you decide to start a magazine?

Rene Schréiner founded the 2gether Community in 2018. Now, more than 2 years later it has grown. Lex Kønig and Matthias & Franzi from Take a Pic[k] have become part of the team behind the community. Together with Christin Helmund and Franziska Waha (Miss Freckles) we regularly appear in the 2gether podcast, see each other very often, at least on Skype, but preferably in person. This goes hand in hand with a constant exchange of ideas, which we all appreciate and need… af. This way we got to know many great and unique photographers and heard their stories. Nothing is more inspiring than the story of the first camera, an inspiration that has changed lives and the experiences, good and bad, that creative people have had in their lives. We wanted to make these stories, and the photos behind them accessible and we would love to share them with as many people as possible. In the early days of the pandemic, we all used the free time to focus ourselves, we tried to find projects to express our creativity. One day we came up with the idea of the magazine and the next day we had a first editorial meeting. 6 months later we already financed the magazine and we have constant video calls to talk about things like the proof print… unbe-fuckin-lievable!

What was the reason to create a printed magazine in this digital time.

Love is not a pdf. The photos and stories we selected for the magazine should get the time they deserve. We want the reader to “listen” to the wonderful people. We want them to listen to the 2getherMAG-Playlist (available for Spotify & Amazon Music). We want them to have their favorite drink (hot or cold, schnaps or coke, whatever they like). We want them to take their time for the magazine. We love Instagram, we use it, and we invest a lot of time to improve our social media appearance. As 2getherMAG, we want to counteract the scrolling, tapping, liking and emojis. We want you to be able to turn pages, to smell the print, to look at the details on the awesome photos so closely that you feel the paper with the tip of your nose. That is why 2getherMAG is only available as a print version.


Tell us one thing that you learned while starting to build a magazine.

That it is a hot damn piece of work. We have invested so many hours in skype calls, writing mails, exchanging, designing, and skyping, skyping, skyping… for decades. As it is always the case with a project of this size: Small steps come with a lot of excitement and we are super curious about the second edition. What problems from the first round will go much better and what new issues will appear. What should we say, we haven’t even sent out the first issue yet and are already talking about the next one… every day. FUCK YEAH!


Thank you guys for sharing all these details with us. We really can’t wait to see your first issue in real life and wish you all the best for your upcoming projects.

If you want to read more about the 2getherMAG make sure to hop over and read all about the stuff theses guys are doing. Here is the link to their crowdfunding-project:

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