Couple Shoot in Sicily by Rita Foldi

What the artist says:

Anna and Damien are two of the most amazing and loving people I have ever met. I still remember the first time we talked over the phone, planning their wedding.
In august 2019, I flew to Sicily for their wedding, and in order to get to know each other a bit better, and to have them more relaxed on their wedding the next day (which was no use, they were awesome and super chill) we went on a sunset pre-wedding photoshoot at the salt evaporating ponds (Saline di Marsala) where people enjoy a drink with the most stunning view. 
Even though they have been together for years (and have two adorable girls together), they hugged, kissed and danced like they were teenagers. They got super emotional hugging, feeling all the feels and the fact that in less than 24h they would have been husband and wife. 
It was one of the deepest photoshoots i have ever had and i will not confirm or deny that i teared up quite a few times too…
They are just incredibly special, and that location was truly perfect for them. Anna and Damien holding hands with the island of Sicily were a perfect combination. I feel blessed to call them friends.




Saline di Marsala / Sicily- Italy