Adventure in the Italian Dolomites by Amber Spits

This is what Amber wrote about the shoot:

“This adventure was a dream come true. We picked these total strangers up at 3 am at night and drove to the parking lot. Then we hiked 3 hours to the top in the complete dark to be at the peak at sunrise. By talking for so long on our way up we really got to know each other and found out we had so many things in common. When we finally got there it was just in time for the sun to rise. My boyfriend had carried the amazing blue wedding dress from Modeca in his backpack. She popped it on while it was freezing cold because of the wind on the edge but luckily the sun warmed us up quickly. We had a blast all morning with different types of sunlight and the view was breathtaking. After hiking to different spots we went to get some coffee together and a well deserved breakfast. The Dolomites in Italy will never disappoint anyone!”